Website Terms

Website Development Agreement

This Agreement is made this _____day of______2010, between J.I.L. Web Design and Said Business­­­ ____________ at address ____________________________________________________

  1. 1. Compensation and Terms

Said Business by its authorized representative _____________________ hereby retains J.I.L. Web Design and Web Design hereby agrees to perform the following services:

  1. J.I.L Marketing will perform services for the following URL _______________
  2. Complete Design of Said Business Website in the theme and navigational setup specified by Said Business
  3. This will include the following sections:
  • Current Sections integrated into CMS
  • Content management system, Theme Development, User Login, Site Search, Blogging, cross-browser support, commenting, sitemap creation/submission, basic SEO,  3 months free hosting, $149 month thereafter for UNLIMITED Editing and Updates.
  • Other Services: _____________________________________________________________________________________________
  1. Said Business will provide the following:
  • All images, graphics, and logos to be used in Said Business Website
  • All content text to be used in Said Business Website
  • Detailed description of navigational systems and themes to be used throughout the design of Said Website.
  1. Time Detail:
  • J.I.L Web Design will begin development of Said Business Website upon having received the payment of $_______
  • Each section of the website will be completed within 3 weeks of J.I.L Web Design having received the necessary content from Said Business
  • J.I.L Marketing will not be held responsible for production delays resulting from client delays or any delays resulting in J.I.L Marketing waiting for content from any party.
  1. The following frees shall apply:
  • $__________payment to begin website development.
  • $39 monthly fee for website maintenance and unlimited updates
  1. 2. Confidentiality

This Agreement creates a confidential relationship between J.I.L Marketing and Said Business. Information concerning J.I.L Web Design and/or Said Business, business affairs, vendors, finances, properties, methods of operation, computer programs, employees, documentation, and other such information whether written, oral, or otherwise, is confidential in nature. J.I.L Marketing, Said Business and employees of both will adhere fully to this confidentiality agreement.

  1. 3. Governing Law

This agreement shall be binding upon the heirs and assigns of the parties and shall be governed by and interpreted according to the laws of the State of Tennessee.

  1. 4. Entire Agreement

This agreement represents the full understanding between the parties and there is no other agreement, oral or written, between them, and that this agreement may not be modified without an agreement in writing signed by the party to be charged. This contract is in effect until written notification of termination from either party.

  1. 5. Notices

All notices or other documents under this agreement shall be in writing and delivered personally, or electronic mail or fax received, or mailed by certified mail, postage prepaid, addressed to J.I.L Marketing and Said Business at their last known address.

  1. 6. Single Points of Contact

J.I.L Web Design single point of email contact will be Said Business single point of email contact will be ___________________________________________________.

With ____________________________  the individual contact. All correspondence concerning the project will be handled between J.I.L Marketing and Said Business, all correspondence sent from other employee’s of the companies will be ignored and forwarded to the respective single point of contact.

In the event that either J.I.L Web Design or Said Business are no longer with their respective company, a new single point of contact will be assigned in writing immediately.

  1. 7. Non-Competition

Both J.I.L Web Design and Said Business agree to non- competition regarding their respective Said Business. Neither company will attempt to take any Said Business from the other company for any reason whatsoever. Any client information will be kept confidential between the companies and will be used for the sole purpose of performing the contractual services as herein defined in this document.

  1. 8. Source Files and Copyrights

Said Business will retain all source files including their copyrights. No royalty fees will need to be paid to J.I.L Web Design for their use.

  1. 9. Agreement Timeout

Said Business is responsible for supplying all needed content to J.I.L Web Design Said Business by Mutually Agreed upon Date. This date is ___________________. If Said Business does not provide the full content by Mutually Agreed Upon Date, Said Business will incur a late fee of 10% of total site cost and will be given a month to supply the rest of the content. If Said Business does not supply the content, then the contract agreement between Said Business and J.I.L Marketing will become void and all monies paid forfeited.