Social Media Help Guide

Welcome to our Social Media Knoxville Guide page.

We dedicated this page to help answer some of the most often asked questions regarding Social Media from our clients. The world of Social Media can be hard for a business that doesn’t know much about Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and the list goes on. But think about this, almost all of your customers are using Social Media on a daily basis and your competitors are also, do you still have an excuse not to do it?

Q: Why is Social Media important to my business?

A: Let’s start off by saying because All Your Customers are engaging in it on a daily basis, how’s that? Having the ability to stay in contact with your customers on a personal and fun level is a no marketing departments dream. Imagine being able to communicate a special or discount you want to offer to your customers, and then being able to send them that promotion instantly… Wow that’s huge.

Q: Isn’t Social Media just for kids and people with no lives?

A: Well let’s start with some statistics. How about Twitter for example. It’s not just for kids because of kids that are 12-to-17 years old, only 11% are on Twitter. Another stat is that the fastest growing segment on Facebook is females age 55-plus, and the reason is they want to engage with their sons and daughters and also their grandkids. Facebook has more photos than all the other photo sharing sites combined. So the answer to your question is no.

Q: I can barely get anyone to “Like us” or “Follow Us”, why?

A: Building followers involves a lot of time to be honest. What you put into Social Media is what you will get out. Also have you linked your Social Media to your website to provide a seamless experience.

Q: I just don’t have the time or energy to deal with it.

A: Ok that’s fine, but your competitors sure have found the time or hired someone to handle their Social Media and are reaping the rewards for building a strong social media network. Who wants to make more money anyways, right?

Q: Can you guys handle my Social Media network for us?

A: We don’t have a Social Media expert in house so we don’t offer anything we can’t go above and beyond for. But we have teamed up with Christina Courtney from CMC Social Marketing to handle any Social Media needs for our clients.