Search Engine Optimization Guide

What is Search Engine Optimization?

In the simplest and easiest way to explain, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process / steps one will take to correctly structure their website so that a Search Engine (like Google) will find the content on your website. A website is the gateway to your business, but almost pointless if no one can find it. This page was made to inform you about the truth of SEO and how we can help.

How search engines see you

When a Keyword Phrase such as (Knoxville Website Design) is typed in a search engine, they immediately start looking through all of the internet for those specific keywords. Yes search engines are that fast.

There is a certain pattern that Search Engines use to find the information they need on your website, so if you display the keywords and information in the pattern they like you will then increase your ranking on results.

What you can do to help

There are some very small and easy steps that need to be done. Here are some of the best practices you can apply when it comes to helping your website achieve better results for Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

1) Research the most relevant keywords for your business through Google Keyword Tool.
2) Use the keywords within the content at least 3 times per page.
3) Create and submit a sitemap to the search engines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I even need Search Engine Optimization?

A: Well the simple answer is so your website can be found by customers who do not know your exact domain name. They might not even remember your business name so they will search for the service you provide in hopes of pulling up your website. If your website is not optimized with keywords that pertain to your business, then your customers will find your competitors instead that have optimized their websites.

Q: I have put in keywords on our website, why do we still come up on like page 5?

A: Sometimes just using your keywords within the content isn’t enough if there is high competition for your service with those keywords. Knowing where to place the keywords and where to use them is also a factor of how Search Engines see you: page titles, header tags, images tags, etc…

Q: What are some tips I should know about to get better Search Results?

A: Make sure the content on your website is fresh and not just a copy of a competitor of yours because search engines see it as duplicate content. Submitting your business to online directories will give you a boost. Our SEO Service will submit your business and website to thousands of directories and search engines, increasing your search results significantly.

Q: Does having other websites link to me matter in SEO?

A: Yes, it’s extremely valuable to have links that come into your website. Any time someone clicks on a link to your website, it registers as a “vote” to the search engines that your website is important. The more “votes” you get, the better chance you have at coming up higher on Search Results.

Q: Why does thinking about SEO give me a headache?

A: Well, our SEO expert Ronnie has had many sleepless nights getting familiar with it as well, but understanding it is certainly worth the payoff. Here is an example, we optimized our website for the keyword phrase (Web Design Knoxville). At the time of this writing we are currently holding the 2nd spot, consider that 6 months ago we were on page 9 and our keyword is Highly Competitive because it seems now a days everyone and their nephew can become a web designer. We also hold the top stop on Bing and Yahoo for that keyword. We believe our honest SEO practices will increase your search results.

Q: Companies call me all the time offering #1 Search Results for our website, can I trust them?

A: Short answer = No.
Long answer = there is no way to guarantee you the top spot or even the top 3 spots because every business and keywords are different. Remember you are competing with other websites for those keywords, the more competition there is, the harder and longer it will take to get ranked up high.

Q: What can you guys do for me in regards to SEO?

When we do SEO for our clients, we run different programs that give a grading scale for the keywords that they want to rank high for. We get that grading scale to an A on each keyword phase that they need. Then we submit their website to thousands of Directories and Search engines that save them a lot of time. We also offer sending out articles to thousands of websites that might find your information valuable which will provide more back links, non of which is illegal or whats called “black hat” SEO tactics.